Press Release

12 Jul, 2022

Sportz Interactive (SI), the Mumbai-based sports media firm that began operations in 2002, celebrated its 20-year anniversary milestone this month. The company is celebrating two decades of delighting sports fans on behalf of its clients on the back of its data, technology and content offerings.

14 Jan, 2022

Prior to this, Siddharth Raman worked at DDB Mudra Group.

14 Jan, 2022

Sawkar, who will also continue in his role as Chief Operations Officer, has been with Sportz Interactive since its inception in 2002 while Raman joined the company in 2017 as chief business officer.

14 Jan, 2022

"Indian content and technology firm Sportz Interactive has announced the appointments of Siddharth Raman as deputy chief executive and Sanket Sawkar as chief technology officer."

14 Jan, 2022

The two will continue to lead Sportz Interactive’s charge to revolutionize the sports fan experience as enshrined in the company’s vision statement.

22 Jul, 2021

The anthem is conceptualised and produced by Mumbai based creative agency, Sportz Interactive. The initiative is in association with the Olympic Channel.

20 Jul, 2021

ट्रैक को मुंबई की क्रिएटिव एजेंसी स्पोर्ट्स इंटरएक्टिव ने ओलंपिक चैनल के सहयोग से बनाया है। इस गीत को एड गुरु सोनल डबराल ने लिखा है।

20 Jul, 2021

टोक्यो ओलंपिक में भारतीय खिलाड़ियों का हौसला बढ़ाने के लिए सुखविंदर सिंह और रैपर डी एमसी ने थीम सॉन्ग लॉन्च किया है. इस गाने को सलीम-सुलेमान ने कंपोज किया है जबकि सोनल डबराल ने इसके बोल लिखे हैं.

02 May, 2021

Created by digital agency Sportz Interactive, the Cornitos campaign video focuses on the aspect of crunch being the hero and features players from Delhi Capitals who the brand has partnered with.

01 May, 2021

The campaign, conceptualised by Sportz Interactive, shines the spotlight on Cornitos' new economical range of nacho chips.

29 Apr, 2021

Sportz Interactive conceptualised the Cornitos brand film with the aim of mass appeal and to showcase the playful side of the Delhi Capitals

29 Apr, 2021

Cornitos, the made-in-India nachos brand, launched its new campaign ‘Crunch ka Superhero’ which was created by Sportz Interactive and features their partners Delhi Capitals.

05 Mar, 2021

Sportz Interactive played a significant role in the success of the Abu Dhabi T10 through the architecting and deployment of a Draft Tool and real-time Data Visualization and Content Services during the season.

22 Feb, 2021

The graphics, powered by SI, are layered with match statistics, analysis and other key information related to the sporting events. They also provide users with contextual data to help with their fantasy gaming needs and sponsors with branding opportunities to monetise these assets.

21 Feb, 2021

SI’s offering utilised real-time data feeds and pre-defined templates to create shareable content within 60 seconds of a key event occurring. Operating on the back of an inherently scalable architecture capable of handling massive traffic, SI’s proprietary engine allows rapid deployment with the ability to integrate data from various sources.

19 Feb, 2021

Sports data, technology and content solutions company Sportz Interactive (SI) was recently appointed by News Corp Australia to create custom automated infographics and videographics for its coverage of major cricket events. The agreement covered Australia’s Test series with India and the Big Bash League Twenty20 competition. SI’s remit for the latter also included the SuperCoach fantasy game.

23 Dec, 2020

One of the key objectives for Sportz Interactive will be to increase awareness and popularity of the NBA among casual and curious fans and increase engagement with the core fans. With social media acting as a great fan acquisition tool for rights holders, SI will be mandated to lead this for the league in the country.

19 Dec, 2020

Sportz Interactive will be focused on the next wave of fan growth for the NBA in India via digital platforms.

18 Dec, 2020

As per the mandate, Sportz Interactive will help the National Basketball Association (NBA) to fuel fan-base through content across digital platforms in India.